Sweet Little Souls

As I sit writing my 2 beautiful children are safely napping. Not in their bedroom but in the care of a stranger.

Being a stay at home mum I never imagined that I would send my children to be looked after by someone else!

After all who could look after my children as well as me?

My optimistic and somewhat naive plan was to have an online business where the children would play while I would work. As usual they had other ideas, such as asking to know what I was doing every 2 minutes and wanting to sit on my knee and press buttons. I had put so much time, money and effort in already I just wouldn't give up (but neither would my daughter who evidently has the same stubborn streak as her mother).

But finally, I couldn't ignore the looming decision I was going to have to make about the HUGE scary monster that was DAYCARE.

As with most large scary monsters once they are faced they tend to get smaller and not so scary.

I had ruled out the usual large Day Care with a high ratio of children to carers (definitely not for my precious little ones). But once I found out about family Daycare I was quite positive that there would be a warm motherly figure in a peaceful home setting just perfect for my children.

The first family Daycare I visited was not my ideal but I was prepared to wait for just the right person.

This waiting paid off and it was on a visit to the local toy library that a leaflet for a new Family Daycare caught my eye.

On a viewing with my children I realised that holding onto my ideals had kept the scary monsters away and allowed me to open new doors both for my children and me. Needless to say I consider myself very fortunate to have found as understanding a carer as I could wish for.


I would love to say that we lived happily ever after but in this second day of Daycare (going once per week) there are still a few scary monsters for my children to overcome and I still sit and listen for their noisy play and miss them dearly.





Written by Heidi Halter — July 24, 2013