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NEW! 15% OFF Mens Organic Merino Fleece Jackets


In super fine merino these unbelievably soft and warm yet light Jackets are perfect for cold winter days and nights.

Breathable, insulating merino allows your body to maintain it's natural warmth without perspiration. Any excess moisture is wicked to the surface allowing it to dry whilst maintaining your core body temperature.

These warm and cosy jackets are available at our 15% discount price when pre-ordered before Monday 21st August. We will order direct from the manufacturer in Germany for you and have them delivered to your home in early September.

Recommended Retail Price $298. Our 15% discount price $249


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Available Colours & Fabrics

Organic merino silk light ocean

Sapphire, 100% Merino Fleece


 Black Melange, 100% Merino Fleece