Why I changed my mind about wearing wool in summer

I never wore wool in summer until a friend gave me an unbelievably fine merino t shirt as a going away present for a European trip.

I think I wore that shirt every day; as a thermal layer hiking in the cool mountains of Croatia and then as a t shirt to keep cool on the hot Croatian coastal islands. I did a bit of Wwoofing (willing workers on Organic Farms) and the shirt was put to hard work on a lavender farm, vegetable market garden and even cleaning out pig pens on a dairy/cropping mixed farm.

It really was the ideal activity shirt, it became my favourite shirt and completely changed my mind about wool clothing.

As I was travelling constantly I couldn't wash clothes very often, but not only did this shirt absorb perspiration and not smell but when needed I could rinse it in the evening, roll in a towel, hang up (wherever I was sleeping) and it would be dry and ready to wear the next day!

I finally wore that shirt out after 2 years of constant use. It was very forgiving and hadn't torn or frayed (unlike cotton) but the merino fabric had become so fine that it was transparent. I was happy to see it metamorph wonderfully into a cool summer nightie.

When my first child was born (in mid summer) I wanted clothing that would keep her cool and protected from the sun, but it also had to be soft yet durable enough to wear every day and in a condition to be passed on to any siblings that were to come.

Yes, merino was my first choice.

Being an inexperienced and slightly anxious mother I found it difficult to judge what coverings my newborn needed to maintain a safe and comfortable temperature throughout the night. Especially when the temperature would fluctuate and newborns can't regulate their own body temperatures.

The merino baby clothing reduced my anxiety and prevented me from getting out of bed every hour or so to see if she was ok. I felt reassured knowing that it was not likely she would overheat or get cold. 

Now both my children wear fine merino clothing all year round.

When I cuddle them I love their smell, their soft skin, their natural warmth and not surprisingly I love the comforting feel of the soft merino against my skin.


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