About our Manufacturers

All manufacturers represent ethics in action with their full GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.


A family company whose name is derived from the words Cotton, Silk and Lana (meaning wool). Cosilana became fully certified organic in 2006. They are located in the beautiful Swabian Alps in Southern Germany.
Their philosophy is "The future of our children lies in our hands".
Cosilana "manufactures natural clothing which protects the skin (largest organ in the body) and therefore keeps it healthy". 
Their business ethic is to provide a natural, healthy environmentally friendly product of the highest quality at the fairest price.
Cosilanas range includes underwear, thermal tops and bottoms and range in sizes from babies to adults. 



Initially Engel was a cotton nappy manufacturer in the 1960's, in 1982 the switch was made to natural unbleached cotton.
Today Engel is synonymous with high quality pure, natural clothing in organic cotton, organic merino wool and fair trade silk for babies right through to Adults.
They are a founding member of The International Association of the Natural Textile Association and are committed to superior ecological quality- "for your skin and for the love of the environment".
An exciting new initiative is Engel's range of premature baby clothes which was developed in cooperation with the Association for Premature Infants in Reutlingen. Their aim was to provide contaminant free clothing to fit the smallest wearer so as to provide a healthy start in life. View our Engel Preemie Range.


Reiff Strickwaren

This family company has spent more than 25 years producing natural clothing at the foot of the Swabian Alps. The 3rd generation of the Reiff family is now on the GOTS certified Reiff Strickwaren team. 
All their products are designed and manufactured with quality, durability, comfort and timeless fashion in mind.
Featuring beautiful knitted garments, ultra plush, soft and light weight wool fleece and a variety of textured clothing for babies through to adults.
Our range of Reiff clothing includes girls dresses, ribbed leggings, knitted baby jumpers, scarves and coming soon beanies for babies and children and knitted merino blankets. 



ManyMonths® and MaM® offer comfortable and innovative garments for children and their parents. All the garments are made of sustainable materials with happy colours and timeless design. Their products are designed in Scandinavia, Finland, and manufactured in China in fair working conditions.

The inspiration comes from the Scandinavian environment, the experiences of the wise women in our families, the wishes of our precious children and the urge of getting back to nature. The underlying idea of MaM® Design is to offer products supporting an attachment parenting lifestyle, valuing the nature around us and bringing the joy and comfort only the most wonderful materials can bring to both babies and parents alike.

Our sewing facility is a GOTS-certified, eco-friendly, Scandinavian-owned company founded in 2004 leading the way in ethical textile manufacturing. We are cooperating very closely with our coordinators at the sewing facility and usually communicate with them every office day by email and Skype throughout the year.