Frequently asked Questions

How will my order be delivered and how long do I have to wait?

How much does postage cost?

Is this website secure and who has access to my personal details?

How can I pay and is it safe?

Can I exchange or return clothing?

How do I return clothing?

I do not want to order over the internet. Do you provide mail order?

What happens if something I want is out of stock?

How do I know what size to buy?

Is the clothing made from Australian wool?

Is it hard to keep wool and silk clothing clean?

Are your products organic, environmentally friendly and safe?

Are your products Fair Trade?

Do your garments suit the Steiner philosophy?

Is there a discount if I do a bulk order for my mother’s group, co-op, school or business?

Do you offer gift wrapping and gift tags?

How can I contact you?


How will my order be delivered and how long do I have to wait?

Here at Sweet Little Souls we understand that you appreciate prompt, secure and inexpensive delivery. For only $7.70 (AUD$) your order will be sent standard post with Australia Post. All orders over $150 will be delivered free. We will send you confirmation of your order and delivery estimate as soon as your payment has been cleared. Please allow 4-6 days for your parcel to arrive.  If you need it a bit quicker choose express delivery for $14 ($AUD) Australia wide at the check out.

In the unfortunate event that your package is damaged or hasn’t been received within 9 days of our despatch confirmation, please contact us so we can locate or replace your order.

How much does postage cost? 

Sweet Little Souls offer free standard delivery for orders over $150 (AUD$) and free express delivery for orders over $250 (AUD$).

Standard delivery is $7.70 ($AUD) for items under $150 Australia wide. If you need it a bit quicker choose express delivery for $14 ($AUD) Australia wide.


Is this website secure and who has access to my personal information?

You can be assured that security and privacy are of utmost importance here at Sweet Little Souls. We do not and never will sell or share any of your personal information with anyone or any organisation. Your account and purchase history can only be accessed by yourself and anyone whom you have chosen to give your password.


How can I pay and is it safe?

Sweet Little Souls offers a number of payment methods. You can pay by secure online payment, cheque, money order or direct deposit into our account.

Our online shop only uses Pay Pal for your peace of mind.

Please make cheques and money orders out to “Sweet Little Souls.” Our bank account details for direct transfer are:

BSB: 313 140

CBA Account No: 12196341

Please double check that the account details are correct when making a direct transfer and notify us when you have paid, as we can take no responsibility for wrongly transferred funds.


Can I exchange or return clothing?

Yes, you can.

Here at Sweet Little Souls, we are so confident that you and your child will be completely satisfied with every one of our products that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the garment is faulty in any way or you have been sent the wrong item you may choose to be sent a replacement or your money refunded (including the initial postage cost and cost of return postage). If you are unsatisfied for any other reason we will provide a replacement or refund (not including return postage cost).

Replacements or refunds will be sent to you as soon as we receive the returned product in its original condition and packaging.


How do I return my product?

All you need to do is:

1. Fill out our Returns and Exchange Form (click here).

2. Place the completed form in with your packaged goods in their original condition and packaging.

3. Post back to us via Australia Post.

We advise you to keep your proof of postage until we contact you to let you know your return/exchange has been processed.


I do not want to order over the internet. Do you provide mail order?

We sure do.

For a postal order form please click here.Just choose your products from our online store (each colour has an associated code), fill out the form and post it to us with a money order, cheque or notify us of your direct deposit (see How can I Pay and is it safe? above).

What happens if something I want is out of stock?

We try our best to have all sizes and colours available at all times. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we won’t run out of a popular item. In this case we will keep you informed of anticipated delivery dates on your ordered product. For your convenience our online product pages will show the availability of clothing in all sizes and colours. If an item you wish to purchase is shown to be out of stock please contact us and we will let you know when it is available again. There should be no more than a 3 week wait while we order in more stock from our manufacturer in Germany.

How do I know what size to buy?

Children of the same age can vary greatly in sizes therefore we find the European method of sizing clothes to height rather than age sensible and practical. We recommend using height measurement as a preferred guide to clothes buying.

If you do not know the height of the child you are buying for, we provide the average Australian age-for-height. View size charts.

To help you save money and for practical reasons we suggest buying sleepwear a little bit larger than you need as your child can grow into them.

If you are using eco (reusable) nappies our clothes are perfect for you. All Sweet Little Souls garments have more room in the nappy area for a comfortable fit (even when using wool covers).


Is your clothing made from Australian wool?

Our aim is that our woolen clothing be made from biodynamic Australian wool only. Unfortunately the widespread practice of mulesing in Australia limits availability of Australian wool produced cruelty-free. Mulesing is the practice of cutting off a piece of a lamb’s skin (without anesthetics) to stop blowfly larvae attacking the skin, which can in many instances cause a painful slow death.  Fortunately there is an Australia-wide breeding program in place to breed sheep that do not need to be mulesed. Most of the organic wool used at the moment comes from South America where there are no blowflies and hence no need for mulesing. However we look forward to supplying you with an all-Australian biodynamic wool product in the future.


Isn’t it hard to keep wool and silk clothing clean?

Not at all! Caring for your wool and silk garments is much easier than you think.

There is no need to wash wool and wool blend clothing after every wear. Simply turn the garment inside out and hang out to air for a few hours or overnight (but NOT in the sun).

Amazingly, Merino fibres are stain repellent to a much higher degree than any other natural clothing material (see Why Natural Fibres? for more information) which means less washing for you.

Handwashing is not so tedious when you follow these 4 steps:

  1. Handwash in lukewarm water with an ecological wool detergent. We find both ‘Enviroclean’ and ‘Sonnet’ to be excellent products.
  2. Rinse in water the same temperature.
  3. To dry squeeze out the water gently (do not wring), spread out on a dry towel and roll up in the towel. Leave for an hour or two.
  4. Take the item out of the towel and hang up to dry undercover (not in sun).

You will find that superfine Merino clothing dries in a surprisingly short time.

If the garment has been stained, the websitegives details of stain removal for a variety of substances then look under Caring – Stain Removal.


Are your products organic, environmentally friendly and safe?

Yes, they certainly are! All products on this website carry the IVN (Naturtextil) logo . IVN the International Association Natural Textile Industry which inspects and certifies that every garment carrying their logo meets strict criteria, including:

  • Material used must be 100% natural and originate in Certified Organic Production.
  • Substances used in spinning and dying must be natural, biodegradable and NOT carcinogenic, mutagenic, GMO derived or otherwise harmful to humans or the environment (for example, formaldehyde is not allowed as it can trigger allergies and is toxic to embryos).
  • All dyes are natural and meet stringent safety standards.
  • All waste products must be carefully monitored even though only biological agents are used.
  • Packaging and transport is monitored so that no contamination can occur and packing materials must be environmentally friendly.
  • The quality of the finished product must meet standards to ensure colour fastness to sweat, sunlight, rubbing, washing and even baby saliva.
  • Lastly the finished product is tested for chemical residues at a much more stringent level than World Health limits

 Click here for more information on Naturtextil and what the logo means.

Why are some items packed in plastic bags?

Some of our suppliers sending out their stock in little plastic bags. As single used plastic is not want we want to end up we are sending these items out in their packaging to you, so you can store your item securely in the bags. 

See what our brand Engel think about their packaging:

For our packaging, it is particularly important for us to ensure that our high-quality articles are protected against dirt and pests such as moths, and we want our customers to be able to see from the outside what article, in which colour, is inside. At the moment, only polythene bags can do this. We know that polythene is not the most environmentally friendly of materials, but with paper packaging (or cardboard), for example, there is a risk that the article may get dirty or that pests could get in. In addition, the polythene bags can easily be re-used, e.g. to store our items (“over-wintering” in cupboards), to help keep your workroom tidy (for screws, etc.) or as places to keep beads or DIY accessories. The bags are also food-safe and can thus also be used to store foods that have been opened.

Here are a few more facts about polythene:

  • Polythene is a thermoplastic item and can be recycled endlessly.
  • Polythene consists solely of carbon and water and burns to form carbon dioxide (as with any form of combustion) and water.
  • Polythene does NOT contain plasticisers.
  • The manufacture of polythene does not produce toxic gases or toxic waste water.

Are your products Fair Trade?


The Naturtextil standard ensures that products must meet defined social standards. These standards are based on those of the International Labour Organisation requiring no forced or child labour, safe and clean work conditions, sufficient wages to cover cost of living, and no disrespectful or inhumane treatment of workers.

Do your garments suit the Steiner philosophy?

Yes! Our garments are perfect for parents who follow the Steiner philosophy because we aim to use bio dynamic principles in our clothing’s production. Additionally, the Steiner philosophy of enhancing imagination by providing simple, natural toys and clothing echoes our philosophy of renewable, natural and safe clothing for children and babies. Our clothing does not feature licensed characters or mass-produced styles.


Do I get a discount if I bulk order for my mother’s group, co-op, school or business?

Yes! Sometimes parents in Steiner schools or natural parenting groups decide to do a group order. We can provide discounts for large orders. Please contact us, stating who you are buying for and what your requirements are, and we will discuss how we can help you out.


Do you offer gift wrapping and gift tags?

Every order from Sweet Little Souls comes in a lovely yet simple gift box (made from recycled paper, of course). If you wish to have certain items in your order boxed separately please let us know when ordering.

Gift tags are available and are included in our Gift Pack range (see Gift Packs for further information).

How can I contact you?

Please visit the contact us page for our phone, email and postal details or to fill out an enquiry form.