Weaving the fabric of our future

We believe that it is very important for our children's future that the clothing we wear is produced;

in an environmentally, sustainable manner

under socially responsible fair trade practices

with the highest regard for animal welfare.

This is why Sweet Little Souls only sources clothing from manufacturers with the  Global Organic Textile Standard Certification (GOTS).

GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres which includes ecological and social criteria.This is enforced on an individual basis by the independent certification of the entire manufacturing process from each farm right through to the packaged garment. 


The Organic Farm:

Every Organic farm must prove they are farmed sustainably through adhering to an Organic Management Plan. This plan ensures that the soil fertility is maximised and grazing is managed for animal, plant and soil health all through natural, holistic means.

Livestock health is based on preventative management and animals must be treated humanely. Mulesing and other forms of mutilation are prohibited.

In the Manufacturing Process:

All wool, hemp and cotton must be sourced from a certified organic or biodynamic farm where sustainable farming is shown to be practised. 

Environmental and safety concerns are at the forefront of the manufacturing process. Unlike conventionally produced fabrics the Global Organic Textile Standard enforces

  • Prohibition of critical inputs such as toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, functional nano particles, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and their enzymes
  • The use of synthetic sizing agents is restricted; knitting and weaving oils must not contain heavy metals
  • Bleaches must be based on oxygen (no chlorine bleaching)
  • Azo dyes that release carcinogenic amine compounds are prohibited
  • Discharge printing methods using aromatic solvents and plastisol printing methods using phthalates and PVC are prohibited

Strict controls are kept on waste water quality and discharge with the aim of environmental and health preservation.


Social and Ethical Standards

The Global Organic Textile Standard ensures compliance with the highest international standards for labour welfare (International Labour Organisation). You can be assured that your garment has been produced under the following conditions:

Employment is freely chosen

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

Working conditions are safe and hygienic

Child labour has not be used

Wages are in accordance with the cost of living

Working hours are not excessive

No discrimination is practised

Regular employment is provided

Harsh or inhumane treatment is prohibited


Through purchasing products with the GOTS logo (see below) you are actively creating the future your children will live in.


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