Sweet Little Souls

Organic Merino Fleece Overalls with Knee Pads


Soft and warm, and yet extra strong these Merino Fleece Overalls are perfect for keeping your baby cosy warm when out at play.

Featuring merino felted knee pads, great for crawlers and those that love to do some winter work outside.

With double buttons on each front side these overalls can be shortened and lengthened to last more than a season.

These toddler overalls give a full coverage from ankles to neck. Team with thermal merino layers for the ultimate cold weather playsuit.

Wear in temperatures 20c and under.


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Available Colours & Fabrics

Merino Fleece Overalls Anthrazite

Anthrazite , Code:201722/15

100% Merino Fleece

Red Fleece Overalls

Burgundy with Patch

100% Merino Fleece